As I previously reported, my coach Alberto Nunez of 3D Muscle Journey guess posed at the Uprising earlier this month on April 12th. The event has been held in Plattsburgh NY but is now going to be held in Las Vegas next year. I would love to participate in this event in some capacity but I guess we will all need to wait for more details but for now here is the latest from the man himself Marc “The Machine” Lobliner!

Saw this today and had to share! Funny stuff! :)

If your life was a movie and it started now, what would the hero of your life’s movie do right now?

Another great technique video from head strength coach, JL Holdsworth, and Spot Athletics strength coach, Zach Gallmann. In this video they explain how to properly perform a box squat and debunk some of the popular myths around it. To view more Friday Technique Video’s click [here]

These are the 3 competitions I will be competing in for my 2014 season. Currently 4, 6 & 9 weeks out, starting to get excited! Each poster links to the respective competition if you are interested in buying tickets. I will be competing in Men’s Open Bodybuilding for all three events.

Broscience Myths
The Final Word On The Possibility Of Getting Fit Fast

Layne Norton is not one to make “get fit fast” promises. The 32-year-old natural pro bodybuilder and powerlifter with a Ph.D. in nutritional sciences pays no attention to articles titled “12 Weeks To Shredded Abs” or “12 Weeks To Big Guns.” And neither should you.
“I’ve been offered money to write articles like that and I’ll say, ‘No, I’m not going to do that because I’m not going to mislead people,’” he says over the phone from Tampa, Florida. “I’m not trying to be sanctimonious about it. It’s just that I’m not going to do something I don’t believe in.”

Here’s what Norton does believe in: consistent exercise and a flexible diet. It’s not very sexy, he admits. “You can imagine how hard it is for me to talk to people. Everybody’s used to someone telling them that there’s a simple solution to all their problems and if you just follow this magic protocol, you’ll be a Greek god in 12 weeks. And I’m over here saying, ‘Nah, it’s going to take years. You have to work really hard and be really consistent and be patient.’ People read that and say, ‘I don’t have time for this guy.’ But I’m the one telling you the truth.”

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Dr. Joe has helped clients win over 250 pro cards and more than 50 pro titles, including double-digit World Championships!  So you could say the guy knows his stuff and did I mention Dr. Layne Norton was one of those Pro’s? [ Read More ]

I have been a big fan of Dr. Jacob Wilson’s and the research he and his team are performing from his Human Performance Lab at the University of Tampa. Of particular interest I have been following his research on HMB, specifically HMB-Free Acid or CaHMB. In this just released video he reviews the current research results from his lab and answers those who try and discredit the results. The only down side to all this is that currently there is no CaHMB available as a supplement. Hopefully someone will make some available via retail as I would really like to try this in my off season.

Recap of the last week. Currently 5 weeks out from my first bodybuilding contest of the 2014 season

As announced earlier my coach, Alberto Nunez of 3D Muscle Journey, would be guest posing with Marc Lobliner at the 2014 OCB Bodybuilding show “The Uprising” in Plattsburgh NY on Saturday. Here is the footage from the show. If I am unable to get my pro card this year I will seriously consider doing this show in 2016 as it would be an amazing experience! Great job guys!

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