Jun 272017

Focus – a center of activity, attraction, or attention. When I look at successful people I see a single mindedness, an unshakable focus. If we want to get better at something in our life we need to focus on that area and keep it in focus until we get the result we are looking for. I think many people want to lose weight, get in shape etc but the reason they never do is their inability to focus on the goal and devote the amount of effort to achieving it. For me I want to become a better bodybuilder by developing more muscle and getting stronger. While that is a good start I still think its not focused enough so I am going to focus [Read More]

Jun 202017
Self Doubt

Some days I feel like I have made zero progress since my last competition in 2014. I have had a couple of major set backs which has derailed my plans to get better and many days I feel like other than being 3 years older I have not really done anything like I had wanted to. I think at times we all doubt ourselves but the important thing is to shake that feeling off and put your head down and just keep grinding. This time around I have this gut feeling that things will be different, time to grind and shine!

Jun 162017
Rugged Maniac! (2017)

So back in the summer of 2014 I participated in my first ever Spartan Race and my daughter Grace and my wife Chris came to watch and cheer. Since then my daughter has wanted us to do one of these races together. So this week we are watching the new season of American Ninja Warrior, which is one one of my favorite shows, and my daughter says “man I sure would love to do an obstacle course race this summer.” This caused me to remember my promise that one day we would complete one of these together so I said “Okay pick one!” So she did and we are now registered as Team “It’s a Lester Thing” for the Rugged Maniac race in Calgary on [Read More]

Jun 132017
Training Update

So I figured now that my home gym is operational I should get back to focusing on what is most important and that is training and making progress. With all this extra work in getting things built and set up for the gym my training has had to take a bit of a backseat, especially since I have been cutting coming up on 12 weeks now. In that area things have been going well with me losing 11 pounds in 11 weeks however this week after 5 days I have completely stalled but I still have two days left so who knows? A younger more inexperience me would have panicked and either cut calories or added some cardio but I have been on a good [Read More]

Jun 062017

Finally getting to use the power rack for the first time!! Taking it a bit easy on the squats and real easy on the deadlifts as I have not done them in forever. Better to start light and focus on form and slowly add in weight versus starting to heavy and just hurting yourself. I will be back to deadlifting over 400 lbs in no time 🙂

May 282017
Garage Gym Update

So just a quick update on how the garage gym is coming along. Bowflex has been moved upstairs and assembled. I still need to complete the wall to prevent anyone or anything from falling down. Plan is to get that completed next weekend when I am not on call. The goal for the upstairs is to have this as an alternative training area, so warm-up, stretching, body weight exercises, boxing, bowflex and elliptical. The bottom area has been cleaned up and is ready for the new equipment (Power Rack, Free Weights, and Functional Trainer) which is arriving on Tuesday. I will start putting it all together and getting it set up with the goal of having things ready to go by the end of this [Read More]

May 272017
Bodybuilding the Fountain of Youth?

When I first started lifting weights back in 2011 I said it was like I had found the fountain of youth with regards to how much better I felt. The picture on the left was taken at my oldest son’s High School graduation two years before I started lifting. The one on the right was taken yesterday at my daughter’s graduation. Now I might be a bit biased but I think this visually shows how bodybuilding/weight training has had a positive impact on keeping me not only feeling younger​ but looking younger. What doing you think?