Sep 032017
Obstacle Course Racing or "OCR" for short

So my favorite show on TV is American Ninja Warrior on NBC and its something I always wanted to try if I got the opportunity. I have run a few 5K OCR’s before but there is lots of running in between obstacles, in American Ninja Warrior its a series of obstacles one right after the other and you need to complete the course as quickly as possible. So this year my company is competing in the Calgary Corporate Challenge in the White Division and when I saw there was an Obstacle Course Race I had to sign up. The race is on Saturday September 16th at COR.FIT Industrial location. We got a chance to go down and learn how to do the obstacles and practice [Read More]

Aug 272017
Scale Weight vs Fat Loss

One of the main tools that I use to determine if I am in a caloric deficit is to weigh myself first thing every morning after going to the bathroom.. I track this in a spreadsheet and I plot the weekly average over time. In the image is my average weekly weight from week 27 to this current week 35. As you can see my weight loss had leveled off at 199 lbs for week 27 to 29 at which time I decided to take a diet break on vacation for a week, hence the jump to 200.3 lbs. Once I got back I decided to continue to lose weight and try and get closer to my goal of 190 lbs. Things were back on [Read More]

Aug 202017
Block 1 - Week 3 Completed

I completed week three of this new training program and I have to say I am really enjoying it and my training has been super consistent even with doing other activities like the Rugged Maniac 5k OCR race and the Dragon Boat Race last weekend. Ten days ago I started taking 5 mg of Creatine Monohydrate every day. When I started training again in January I just wanted to get back in the swing of things and was not taking any supplements. Then when I decided I need to lose weight in March I felt taking creatine would throw off my weight tracking as you typically gain weight when you start taking creatine. In starting this new training program my goal was to get much [Read More]

Aug 132017
Block 1 - Week 2 Training Update

Just finished up two days of Dragon Boat Racing on top of this weeks training. We ended up coming in 3rd place on the D division final so very happy with that. My daughter Grace was just coming to watch today but we were short one female paddler so in order not to be disqualified she agreed to help us out and fill the spot. Very proud of her for doing this as it was pretty hard to come in with zero training to help us out so we were not disqualified and help us win 3rd place. Both Grace and I trained together last year for the Dragon Boat race but this year we had no plans on participating but due to being short [Read More]

Aug 062017
The Complete Strength Training Guide

I started a new training program this week that is offered for free by Greg Nuckols on his new site Stronger By Science. The nice thing about this program is that it can be used by beginner, intermediate and advanced lifters. You can read all about it and download the program yourself here. I like this program because it’s designed to add muscle and strength at the same time so it can be used by bodybuilders and/or powerlifters. Even though I have been lifting for a few years now, knowing how to create an intelligent training program with built in progression over time has been something that I have really not had a good grasp on. I understand the ideas and concepts in general but [Read More]

Jul 292017
Rugged Maniac 5k Obstacle Race

Today my daughter Grace and I competed in the Calgary Rugged Maniac Race. This was my daughters first obstacle race and my second time. Doing this with my daughter was so much fun and I am so proud of her. I smashed my shin pretty bad and got a nasty pressure cut from the impact but I was able to still complete the event. Below are some pictures from the event.

Jul 072017
The Ugly, the Bad and the Good

Well it was a mixed bag this week. Was out sick for a few days with stomach flu and only managed to get a couple days of training in. Weight has finally started moving in the right direction with the week average of 199 lbs. I am going to go back to a lean gaining phase starting in August so hoping I can get close to 195 lbs. Today was my heavy lower day and squats were on tap. Last week I got in three sets of 3 at 275 lbs. Got set up to tackle that today and it was just not in the cards. Decided to back off the weight and even after doing so I still struggled to get 3 sets of [Read More]

Jul 012017
Happy Birthday Canada!

True North Strong and Free!! After posting this I read an article by the Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper which expands on what I was trying to reflect in my brief statement of “True North Strong and Free!” so I am going to add this in. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Stephen Harper: Canadians should reflect upon how fortunate we are. There is simply no better place to live Dear fellow citizens, As we mark the sesquicentennial of our Confederation, we as Canadians should stop to reflect upon how fortunate we are. In an era of unprecedented global wealth and opportunity, there is simply no better place to live. While it may be tempting to congratulate ourselves for this blessed state of affairs, our gratitude should instead go to those [Read More]

Jun 272017

Focus – a center of activity, attraction, or attention. When I look at successful people I see a single mindedness, an unshakable focus. If we want to get better at something in our life we need to focus on that area and keep it in focus until we get the result we are looking for. I think many people want to lose weight, get in shape etc but the reason they never do is their inability to focus on the goal and devote the amount of effort to achieving it. For me I want to become a better bodybuilder by developing more muscle and getting stronger. While that is a good start I still think its not focused enough so I am going to focus [Read More]