May 282017
Garage Gym Update

So just a quick update on how the garage gym is coming along. Bowflex has been moved upstairs and assembled. I still need to complete the wall to prevent anyone or anything from falling down. Plan is to get that completed next weekend when I am not on call. The goal for the upstairs is to have this as an alternative training area, so warm-up, stretching, body weight exercises, boxing, bowflex and elliptical. The bottom area has been cleaned up and is ready for the new equipment (Power Rack, Free Weights, and Functional Trainer) which is arriving on Tuesday. I will start putting it all together and getting it set up with the goal of having things ready to go by the end of this [Read More]

May 272017
Bodybuilding the Fountain of Youth?

When I first started lifting weights back in 2011 I said it was like I had found the fountain of youth with regards to how much better I felt. The picture on the left was taken at my oldest son’s High School graduation two years before I started lifting. The one on the right was taken yesterday at my daughter’s graduation. Now I might be a bit biased but I think this visually shows how bodybuilding/weight training has had a positive impact on keeping me not only feeling younger​ but looking younger. What doing you think?

May 262017
When One Door Closes Another Opens

Today my wife and I watched our daughter Grace cross the stage and receive her Grade 12 diploma. She is the last of our three children to graduate and with that she now transitions to a new chapter in her life. We could not be more proud of Grace or her two older brothers for achieving this milestone. With Grace graduating my wife Chris and I also start a new stage of our lives as we transition from parents of children to parents of adults. Family has always been important to us and now that they are all grown up and pursuing their own lives it will become harder to stay as connected as we have in the past. This has been one of the [Read More]

May 222017

Completed construction of my powerlifting platform today. I still need to stain and then put a couple coats of polyurethane on but the construction part is done. Slowly but surely things are coming together! 🙂 A post shared by Dean Lester (@vanguard1965) on May 22, 2017 at 2:11pm PDT

May 212017
Garage Gym Project - Day 6 & 7

Sorry for the delay in posting this. I had hoped to have the flooring completed on Saturday however we only got half done and I figured I would just wait a day and update once everything was completed. Still lots of work to do in getting everything completed and to be able to train but the biggest part is now completed!

May 182017
Garage Gym Project - Day 5

So day 5 is in the books. Woke up feeling pretty beat up but by the end of the day was feeling much better. I had a bit easier day today as well as some help from my son Jody so that definitely helped. It was nice to have someone to chat with and I find working on stuff like this is awesome bonding time.

May 172017

Man I am just beat tonight! I have been in a weight loss phase for the last 8 weeks and all this extra activity while sticking to my diet has accelerated my weight loss but its also starting to effect my recovery ability. I think I am going to reward myself with a Dairy Queen Blizzard tonight! 🙂

May 132017
Garage Gym Project - Day 1

Day one is in the the books, I got all the stuff removed from the one side and then proceeded to take down the chain link barrier as well as remove all the wiring for the 5 florescent lights that were installed. Next I started to remove the 3/4 inching flooring which is proving to be challenging as its tongue and groove and was installed from the back to the front. Normally this would not be a problem but when they built it they put the back wall plywood so it’s covering the flooring so its difficult if not impossible to remove. I took out a ton of wood screws and now it looks like I am just going to have to use a skill [Read More]