Peak Week


Layne Norton’s Peak Week series below is a good overall guide to Peak Week. In addition to this guide I am updating this section to include a Peak Week Round Table Discussion with Cliff Wilson, Eric Helms, Jason Theobald hosted by Jeff Nippard that is very informative.

Published on 11 May 2016
0:57 – Intro
6:06 – How much of a difference does peak week make?
9:38 – Water manipulation
20:57 – Fixing a “spill over”
23:16 – Tapering water vs a sharp cut when dropping water & diuretics
30:30 – “Dry carb loading” discussion
37:00 – Sodium manipulation
1:01:30 – Peaking for bikini
1:04:02 – Considerations around the menstrual cycle
1:06:47 – Carbohydrate manipulation
1:26:17 – Waking up “flat” on saturday morning discussion
1:29:50 – Dietary fats discussion
1:33:53 – Approaches between pre-judging and finals
1:38:11 – Cardio during peak week
1:40:01 – Weight training during peak week
1:46:50 – Tanning/stage colour
1:55:25 – Pumping up backstage – how much?

Audience Questions:
2:00:00 – Supercompensation?
2:02:18 – How do you know when someone is ready?
2:05:58 – What if someone isn’t ready in time?
2:08:50 – Protein sparing modified fast/ last-minute discussion
2:11:55 – Psychological approaches to peak week and reducing stress


Layne Norton’s Peak Week – Everything You Need To Dominate The Competition On Stage!

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Peak Week Introduction

The 5 videos below will tell you all you need to know about dialing it in during the last week pre-contest. The videos are divided by subject: nutrition, water and sodium, training and cardio, posing, and stage presence. Each of these disciplines is critical to master; don’t skip any! When it comes to competing, you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Completing this video series will ensure that you have none.

Episode 1: Nutrition

Learn what to eat and what not to eat-especially where carbohydrates are concerned-during this critical week. Of course, protein and fat are covered too.

Episode 2: Water & Sodium

Water and sodium may the trickiest elements of all to manage pre-contest. Learn how to manage their delicate balancing act with my series of dos and don’ts

Episode 3: Training & Cardio

Training and cardio have brought your physique this far, but if you don’t manage your workouts well during peak week, it could all be for naught.

Episode 4: Posing

Posing is an art form and a science rolled into one. I provide details on how to hit every pose to full effect, showcasing your physique in the best possible way.

Episode 5: Stage Presence

Stage presence is hard-to-define quality that separates the winners from the losers. You might think you naturally either have stage presence or don’t, but you can actually learn it.

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