Jul 012014

Great guest post by Charles Staley at Bret Contreras site on how your own personal world records are the only thing that matter. Check it out!

Your Own Personal World Records Are The Only Thing That Matter

by Charles Staley

When I was still relatively new to lifting, I can remember thinking how incredible it must be to break a World record in sport. I remember in particular watching former Soviet weightlifter Leonid Taranenko break the clean & jerk World record in the late ‘80’s with a monstrous 586-pound effort.

Fast forward to today, and despite decades in the gym, I’ve come nowhere close to breaking any kind of World (or even National) record in any sport, but I can tell you that I have achieved things that I never would have thought possible for myself, and these achievements have brought me tremendous satisfaction, as well as continued motivation to continue my favorite pastime. A big part of why I’ve done as well as I have is that I’ve always been laser-focused on bettering my own “PR’s” (personal records) in the gym.

Sorry, Most People Will NEVER Be The Best

Now you might think that I’ve been selling myself short my focusing on my own personal records as opposed to setting my sights on actual World records, so allow me to take a moment to explain why I’d vehemently disagree with that notion:

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  3 Responses to “Setting PR’s (Personal Records)”

  1. Hi VG,

    Sorry I haven’t replied for a while but things have been a bit hectic recently.
    I must say a big ThankYou to you for posting up some ‘top drawer’ articles.
    I have been meaning to reply more often but as I say time has got the better of me!
    I also appreciate that you have posted topics that I have expressed an interest in recently. So again, many thanks.
    I would like to start or see a thread started on diet and macros/calories and what works for who and how! As you know I recently changed my diet and training style/format and have experienced some fantastic results. Something I’d like to share when I start the new thread. But until then keep posting these brilliant articles.
    The site is looking Awesome!!!!

    Best wishes, Graham.


    Below is my reply comment to this article:

    Hey Guys,

    This is one of the best motivational/inspirational pieces that I’ve read for a long tirme and it’s not full of crap or Bro science. The experience and wisdom of the author ouzes out of this article and although I practice what he preaches, it just makes me feel that I want to go straight back to the gym and do it all over again but only better this time!
    Please keep sharing great posts like this!

    Thanks and best wishes to you all! Graham.

    • Vanguard

      Hey Graham,

      Thanks for the feedback! I am trying to post at least one article every day in a effort to not only bring solid relevant information but to also give people a reason to come check out the site more often.

      Glad you liked this PR article. Going to be attempting the big three tomorrow and hoping to set some new ones.myself. 🙂

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