Some people swear by training body parts once a week like the typical bodybuilding routine you will see in magazines. As a natural bodybuilder I have found what works for me is to not destroy a muscle group once a week but to train it more frequently.  When you train a muscle all the adaptation happens within three days so only training once a week leaves 4 days where your muscles are not being stimulated.  For myself I prefer to train a muscle at least twice and often three times a week.  Here are some of the program I have used over the last three years but there are many more out there.  Just be sure to track your workouts and work to increase reps and or the weight over time and you should see results.

When I first started training I started out with Dorian Yates’ Blood & Guts 6 Week Trainer.  I would use this if you are just starting out or just getting back into training and only for about 6 weeks and then you should move on to a more advanced program.

The next program I trained on is Layne Norton’s PHAT system.  PHAT stands for Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training and the exercise can be modified to focus on areas you need to better develop your physique.  The idea is that within a single week you would train for strength, power and hypertrophy.

Another similar program I have used is a program by Cliff Wilson called Power Block Periodization and again this focuses on developing strength and hypertrophy in a single week and uses a variety of rep ranges to maximize growth.

Last but not least I have worked with Mike Zordos as well as Alberto Nunez of 3DMJ who both created customized daily undulating periodized (DUP) training blocks for me.

Currently I am following my own program and run a training log on the forums here.

For a good overall understanding about training I highly suggest watching Eric Helm’s Muscle and Strength Training Pyramid Series.


In addition to the above here are some links to video’s to help with technique when performing specific exercises. I will be updating this on a continual basis as I come across them.

As far as learning every thing you can with regards to training the big three lifts, Squat, Bench and Deadlift the following links are invaluable.

Squat – Dave Tate’s Free Squat Manual

Bench – Benchipedia: Dave Tate’s Free Bench Press Manual

Deadlift – Elitefts FREE Deadlift Manual