Mar 172018
My Motivation

During my 2014 contest prep my goal was to try and win a Pro card. This is a very common goal for aspiring amateur bodybuilders. Getting a Pro card is validation that your physique is good enough to enter that next higher level of competition. That did not happen for me in 2014, in fact [Read More]

Mar 112018
Training Music

Do you listen to music when you train? Do you think it helps you perform better? I know for myself it certainly helps but it can’t be just any kind of music. If I listened to my favorite radio station I had okay training sessions but often struggled. I started to listening to a self [Read More]

Mar 042018
Offseason Training Vlog 3

I decided to just do a vlog every 4th week as its a bit easier and it allows me to go over the highlights from the previous 4 week training block. Training is going really well and I am excited to just keep training hard and getting stronger and bigger. Leaning towards getting on stage [Read More]

Low Fat v.s. Low Carb Diets

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Feb 242018
Low Fat v.s. Low Carb Diets

For as long as I can remember there have been people crusading for each diet approach as being better than the other. I personally have been able to lose weight following both types of diets and have been in the camp that it really does not matter which type of diet you use, as long [Read More]

Loneliness And Bodybuilding

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Feb 182018
Loneliness And Bodybuilding

Back in January I posted a couple of articles about how Bodybuilding Can Be A Lonely Endeavor and Bodybuilding Can Be Lonely – Clarified. In my articles I discussed the issue from the perspective that you may feel isolated from others with the same goals as you, however as with all things in life there [Read More]

Get Ripped And Build Muscle After 40

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Feb 172018
Get Ripped And Build Muscle After 40

So I got an email the other day from a prominent men’s magazine promoting a training program for men over 40 and apparently I have been going about this all wrong. Once you hit the magical age of 40 you can no longer perform the same exercises you did in your 20’s. Here is what [Read More]

53 Years Young

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Feb 092018
53 Years Young

So today I turn 53 and I have to say when I was younger a birthday with a number like that attached to it would have scared me. Today however I find I am not scared but proud of being 53 and working towards competing again in natural bodybuilding next year. At the age of [Read More]

Offseason Training Vlog 2

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Feb 032018
Offseason Training Vlog 2

So this week is the second vlog of my new series. Decided to try something different this time around. Hopefully by mixing things up and trying new things I will get better at this and it will be a bit more entertaining and interesting to follow along. In any event I hope you enjoy this [Read More]

The Pro’s and Con’s of a Home Gym

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Jan 312018
The Pro's and Con's of a Home Gym

Owning a home gym has been something I have always wanted and with us buying our first home just over a year ago it gave me the opportunity to build and create my own home / garage gym. It’s still not fully completed but its been functional since June and I have been training at [Read More]