This is part 3 of a Squatting series by Juggernaut. Here Chad Smith explains the ten steps to great squatting. I am really enjoying this series and it’s already helped me improve my squat.

As the Juggernaut Squatapalooza rolls on, check out the first two parts of this series if you’re just tuning in:
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The squat, as with all the competitive lifts, requires great strength throughout all the prime movers and great technique. Great squatters have tremendous strength from head to toe; the quads, hamstrings, glutes, hips, abs and entire back must be well developed for success. Total body strength and technique is best developed in concert with each other, so that your technique doesn’t hold back your strength development, nor your strength not being enough to hold proper technical positions.

Key technical points in the squat are…
1-The closer you can put your hands to each other on the bar the easier it will be to have a tight setup. Make sure though that your elbows are inside your hands to maintain tightness. Using a thumbless grip often improves the comfort of a close hand position.

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