10 Things To Consider For Your First Bodybuilding Show

If you have never competed in a bodybuilding competition here is a great article by JP Fletcher who is a fellow natural competitive bodybuilder.

10 – Attend a show

So you’ve been searching around the internet, looking at pictures of bodybuilders, watching videos of bodybuilding shows and you’re thinking “I can do this, I WANT to do this” and then you realize (or don’t) that your sitting in the comforting confines of your house. In your house you’re viewing yourself in a setting that you are comfortable, with lighting that is most likely favorable, and a judge (Yourself!) that is most likely very forgiving! This is why you should attend a bodybuilding show before you decide to step on stage yourself. By attending a show you will familiarize yourself with how they are run, how they are judged, and what it will take to show CONFIDENCE on the stage in front of hundreds (maybe thousands) of people! This will be an invaluable experience when determining if this sport is right for you.

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