Contest Prep – 18 Weeks Out

Wow the day has finally come and the countdown has begun! Weight this morning was 209 lbs down 2 lbs since last Saturday. I cheated a bit and have already started dieting since last Monday. I have decided to do a video log every Saturday so here is the first one. Hopefully they will get better as I get use to doing them. I am also off to Red Deer today to watch the Southern Alberta Bodybuilding Championships to support my friend Danika who is competing today in her first show.

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  • Got slack from my wife and kids fo saying ummm so much! lol

    I really need to work on that for future videos so my appologies. I thought talking would be easy.

    • VG,
      If I had to do that I think it would just be one big ummm!!!
      So don’t worry. You did just fine!

      I’m looking forward to hearing your experiences as you get ever closer to the competition date.

      Regards, Graham.

  • hmm, at 1:40 you mention your resources.
    Funny you don’t mention Mark McManus and
    I know you posted every day every little blink of your eyes on his forums haha.
    I even think you copped to blowing up this forums for a while there when they were down.
    I know he put you in one of his much lauded testimonials.
    How quick we forget our roots.

    I thank you for Intermittent Fasting, and Layne Norton. These make big differences in my protocols. But I am still a Musclehacker way down inside.

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