1st Volume Block – Week 3 – Squats and Deadlifts

I have just started working with Dr. Mike Zourdos and this is week 3 of the first 4 week volume block utilizing Daily Undulating Periodization. So far I am loving the program and feel I am making some solid gains already and we are just starting out! I figured this was a good time to get a video to benchmark against and compare my progress to later on. Its also a good opportunity to have Mike give me some feedback on my form because I am really just learning how to do things correctly at this point. My over all goal is to put on as much muscle as I can over the next year but strength gains will be a big part of that process. The end of this month marks exactly a year and a half since I started lifting weights. Over half of that time was spend dieting so I am really excited to see what I can do having a solid year of training to build muscle. I would like to add that I am truly honored and blessed to be working with Dr. Mike Zourdos who is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to training, especially Daily Undulating Periodization.

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  • VG,

    You are starting to shift some bigger weights now and you’re on the right sort of programme to get stronger and lift even more. But most importantly you’re enjoying the workouts and you feel like you are growing. This alone will help you to cope with the heavier workload!!

    Good luck! Graham 🙂

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