2012 Contest Season


IDFA Western Canada Classic – Oct 20th 2012

I competed in Men’s Novice Heavyweight placing 2nd and Men’s Masters placing 2nd as well. Great experience and results for my first show!

Men’s Novice Heavyweights

Men’s Masters

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  1. Been quietly creeping on your site almost since your journey began. Awesome transformation! Hope you don’t mind but I am using your site to inspire me to come back from a Moto crash that just about ended me back in August. Proud of you bud, keep pumping!


    • Hey Jared, sorry to hear about your accident. Hopefully your recovery is going well. The fact that my getting into shape and competing is inspiring you to come back from your accident is great to hear. I wish I could say that was the main reason for doing it but in reality I just wanted to challenge myself to see what was and is possible. The fact that it motivates and inspires other people is an unexpected bonus. I think we all have the ability to do this whenever we over come obstacles in our lives. You overcoming a near fatal accident sounds far more difficult and inspiring story than mine. I hope things are going well for you and thanks for the encouraging words.

  2. scoobyprep.com Jason is UNREAL at what he does.

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