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  • Legs are the last to shrink wrap!! haha
    You will succeed, no doubt about that in my book.
    Have you thought about doing this during lateral spread, especially reay lateral spread?
    Use your long lat hand to pull the bottom forward and up to shorten it and use your short lat hand to pull the short lat back and down?
    just an idea
    I’m going to buy a bike rider’s mirror that hooks to a helmet but hook it to a headband so I can see my back at home in the mirror. No wife to help haha.

    • Not a bad idea John but you can’t really shorten where a muscle attaches or make it longer by pulling down. I did however try the rear lat spread moving my leg out on the same side that is short and I think it helps minimize the difference between the two lats in that shot a bit. See vlog #15 were I do that and let me know if you think it helps?

      Not a bad idea with the bike riders mirror!

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