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  • Oh quit whining! At least you got muscle!
    I have an emotional breakdown every morning when I look in the mirror haha.
    Sleep? what is that?
    If you can’t sleep, get up. Drink some calming tea (whatever) and sit in your recliner. You will get sleepy again.
    Turn off your alarm, don’t wait for it to ring. You will catch up on the backside.
    I have a sleeping bag in the back my Prius with fits nicely and I sleep at lunch. I also have a pad under my desk with a pillow. No union rules against sleeping on your lunchtime.
    I found a 1/2-3/4 tsp of GABA a half hour before sleep and another at sleep really makes me dream and grogier early in the sleep cycle.
    I also do major stretches before bed, usually a half hour’s worth. This releases tremendous Seritonin and if your muscles are relaxed, your brain will follow.
    Writing in a journal helps. Write down what your scared off, what you are grateful for, and what you appreciate that you’ve done for yourself today.
    I’m a big fan of self-hypnosis downloads/recordings.
    I have one from http://www.hypnosisdownloads.com/ called “Drifting Off to Sleep”.
    I swear that I have never heard the end of this recording. . . .
    You might just be excited about your progress. Your killing it, doing better than you are feeling.

    • John as I stated in my vlog none of what you suggested will help because the cause is a hormonal imbalance due to the low body fat %. I am sharing my experience and what I am going through including the struggles and for you say quit whining is incredibly insensitive and something I don’t need right now.

      Chances are anything I say won’t mean anything to you and hence why I said come back when you get to sub 5% body fat and tell me stop whining because until you have experienced this first hand you simply can’t fully appreciate the situation. Many other bodybuilders have told me they have experienced the same thing and its one of the worst parts of prep so it’s not just me. Also people are able to deal with certain things better then others, my brother can work shift work and it does not bother him at all and me my body shuts down and I just can’t function. Lack of sleep, lack of food and training at full intensity while working full time and raising a family is something I am struggling with but alas I guess I am just whining. 😛

      • Whining? Lol…who are you? Have you ever been on stage? Ever dieted down to the level that Dean has achieved and has maintained for any amount of time? You sound like a know it all hater. Keep doing your thing Dean. We have to learn to love our haters!

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