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  • Looking scary!
    I can testify old guys can gain muscle. Still growing at 63. You should see the other 60+’s that beat me. Yikes.
    Hey how much of those carbs do you eat pre-intra-post workout? I’m upping my carbs as per my coach. Don’t take any until first meal after workout.
    Hope you don’t quit just because you win pro card.

    • Thanks John, I train after work in the afternoon so I eat carbs for all three of my meals before then. I don’t take any carbs intra-workout and when I get home after I have 50g of carbs with dinner. No plans on quitting if I get my pro card, however I do plan on taking 2 years to really focus on building muscle as I have dieted for more then half the time I have been training so I have not really had the opportunity to really focus on this area and hope I can add some noticeable muscle before I compete again in 2016.

      Who is doing your coaching?

  • I too have been dieting *forever* but the more I think about it the more I realize it is just good eating habits. It has taken some time but I have found meals that I enjoy that are gluten free and can be modified easily to match macro needs.
    Most of the new stuff I learn or run into comes from your explorations haha.

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