2014 INBF Canada Natural Nationals – Results

Yesterday was so amazing, I came in 2nd in Men’s Masters and 3rd in Open Men’s Heavyweights. Got the opportunity to do a posing routine as a tribute to Arnold and Conan the Barbarian as well as had a photo shoot wearing my Barbarian costume, I can’t wait to get copies of those. Ron Sombilon does amazing work and it was fantastic to work with him. He also did the stage photo’s which I also paid for and will also be getting a professional video of me competing. Had family and friends in the audience and just feel on cloud nine!

What a way to finish my 2014 contest season competing with INBF Canada a class organization! Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped with the show, you guys ROCK! 🙂 Plan now is to work hard over the next 2 or more years to add some quality muscle and then compete again. Thanks to everyone who has taken an interest in my bodybuilding pursuits thus far, it really does mean a lot!

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