2019 Training Update #2

Figured I should do another training update. I was able to hit my goal of getting down to 195 lbs from 220 after 27 weeks of dieting. Training is going well and I am now officially on Alberto’s Off Season Roster! We now bring up calories and take a break from dieting for the next 3 months before starting contest prep at the end of the year.


I feel very fortunate to be able to have Alberto as my coach. It was tough to even get on his off season roster as he has no spots. To work again with Alberto who is one of the top prep coaches is an honor. I don’t take his time for granted and will do my best to make us both proud of our results in 2020.

The goal is to beat how I looked in 2014. Not sure if I have added any additional muscle, I won’t really know until I get on stage. I do however want to beat the level of conditioning I had. That is the goal and my focus for 2020. Basically beat the guy on the right. Considering I will be 55 when I step on stage that in my mind will be a big accomplishment and something to be proud of.

Less than eight mouths to get there and excited to see the end result. I know this won’t be easy but I am up for the challenge. Having several setbacks and not getting back on stage the last three years like I had wanted was disappointing. Most people who followed me back in 2014 have given up on me and I don’t blame them. I almost gave up on myself as well but here I am on the eve of my third contest prep at 54 years of age and ready to battle my younger self!

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  • Dean, glad the training the last several months has gone so well for for you. Hope the 2020 prep with Alberto will get you in your best shape ever.

    Are the number of bodybuilding competitors dropping in Canada like they are in the US? Dave Goodin ended the Texas Shredder Classic last year for a number of reasons, but mainly because the big drop in the number of competitors. I thought it would be cool to try out that show when I turned 60, but guess that will never happen. I turned 60 a couple of months ago and still love training and the BB lifestyle, so I will be content to be a non-competitive bodybuilder as long as I can.

    Sure appreciate your website and always look forward to keeping up with your progress.


    • Hey Larry it’s good to hear from you! Getting on stage in 2020 was looking like a long shot at the beginning of the year but things have been going really well and now looks very doable especially with Alberto as my coach.

      The numbers vary from year to year but I think they have been fairly steady but definitely less then they where when I competed in 2014. Sorry to hear about Dave ending the Texas Shredder Classic. Are there no other shows you could try in the area?

      You turning 60 and still loving training and the BB lifestyle gives me hope I can still keep doing this for awhile. 🙂 I have been pretty low key on the website and social media so I appreciate the fact you still check it out.

      Thanks again for taking the time to comment!


  • Thanks Dean – no other shows that I know of closer than 3-4 hours away, so it would be tough to try one of those for my first show. I’m pretty content not getting on stage anyway.


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