2019 Training Update

Despite a pretty awesome training year in 2018 the beginning of 2019 was not looking great for getting on stage in 2020. Work and life stress had derailed my training yet again. I have been able to get things back on track by focusing on keeping stress low and being consistent in the gym.

Part of keeping stress low has been reducing my time on social media. Just focusing on the things I need to do in order to achieve my goals has helped a lot. To be honests the basics are pretty boring and hard to blog about. Hence my lack of posting this year. Training has been far more consistent, not perfect but much better. I have been dieting since April and as of this morning I am sitting at 203 lbs. This is down 17 lbs with the goal of getting to 195 lbs by the end of September.

October to December I will be reverse dieting and working with my coach Albert Nunez bi-weekly before moving to official contest prep in January. I have been wanting to get back on stage for the last couple of years but life and training were not lining up to allow that to happen. May 2020 is still 10 months away so lots can happen between now and then. For now though I am exactly where I need to be at this point and on track.

The picture above is my daughter Grace and I after competing in the Rugged Maniac Race yesterday which was a lot of fun. My training is usually by myself so it’s nice to get the opportunity to do fitness activities like this with family and friends.

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