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  • Dean, thanks for posting the video, great stuff. I remember finding the bb.com Contest Prep Journal site back in 2014 and your posts and videos in particular opened about the rigors of a contest prep. Really enjoyed the bb.com forum, too bad it fizzled out a few years later.

    Great to see you had such a successful 2019 training year – loved the Zen post you made, sounds like you have found the secret sauce. Looking forward to following the 2020 prep!


    • Hi Larry,

      Yes things are going well and yes the bb.com Contest Prep forums was the best back then. I think a forum like that is the best way to build a community and track contest preps its a shame that everyone moved to Facebook, YouTube and/or Instagram. I think these have a place as well but nothing beats following a good contest prep journal imo.

      Hey speaking of preps, Dave Goodin commented on my last instagram post saying I should come and compete in the Texas Shreader as a warm-up. Looks like the show has risen from the ashes and is back. You should really think of giving it a shot!

      Happy New Year!

  • Thanks Dean, unfortunately the contest moved from the Austin area to Houston. It was a 20 minute drive, now 3 hours.
    How cool for Dave Goodin to comment on your Instagram post! Wow!

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