Apr 172012

So last week I did 350 lbs x 5 so this week I decided to up the anti and go for 375 lbs which I was able to do four! Very happy with this especially since I have only been lifting for 10.5 months. Special thanks to my friend and fellow bodybuilder Danika for video taping this for me! 🙂

Danika is training for her first competition in June so its great to have a kindred spirit in the gym to talk about what we are going through and to help each other out every now and then.

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  1. Lookin good! LOL @ the crappy gym music!

  2. Try to relax your traps to give you a bit more room and try to keep your shoulders behind bar. Pull back and up. “Teeter totter.” I am willing to bet you can smash that PR!~ Be careful on slow neg deads! Major props and good job!

    This video really helped me with my deadlifts, I hope you can find some use from it as well. Also, can’t wait to see how you do in your show! As always, wishing you the best!


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  3. Great lift VG, i’d say you almost had another one in you.

  4. I thought about it and probably could have done it although it really would have been really pushing it. At the time the lift felt heavy as hell however watching the video after it looked far easier then it felt. Since I was feeling really burned out last week I felt it best to push hard but not go crazy. Still debating if I want to go one more week and try for 405 or move on to the next strength exercise in my rotation.

  5. Ha ha ha…. They always look easier then they feel

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