4 Bench Press Lies

Interesting Bench Press article from Tony Bonvechio over at T Nation!

Here’s what you need to know…

  • Big triceps won’t help you if you can’t break through the sticking point off the chest. So stop it with the board press and floor press and work on your incline and overhead press.
  • Big traps and strong scapular retractors are more important than the lats for a solid bench press foundation and stable bar path.
  • The bench press is no more dangerous than any other barbell exercise and can be shoulder-friendly when done with good technique and common sense.
  • Great raw benchers press the bar in a J-curve, not a straight line, to maximize leverage.

The misinterpreted words of multi-ply powerlifters has trickled down to the masses. And now, raw (no bench shirt) lifters are experiencing undue suffering and frustration as a side effect.

Like a game of telephone, the truth has been lost as each piece of information is transferred from the mouths of giants to internet forums and gyms. Good advice from strong people gets twisted into something laughably false and useless.

If you’ve ever been wronged by bad bench press advice, I feel you. I’ve been there. After years of struggling to increase my bench press numbers despite following the dogmatic suggestions of the armies of keyboard warriors, I finally discovered the truth. The barbell is a great teaching tool, but it’s easy to ignore its teachings if you get brainwashed by the propaganda.

In less than a year, I added 50 pounds to my competition bench press. What’s my secret? I abandoned everything I’d learned about benching and listened to what the bar had been telling me for years. Here are four bench press myths I busted during my journey.

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