Apr 262016

tnationChristian Thibaudeau over at T Nation laying the smack down on some common misconceptions people still have with regards to training.

Common Misconceptions About Abs, Cardio and More


Everything works in theory, but some training methods just don’t produce enough benefits to justify the effort. Other training beliefs are just plain wrong. Here are the worst offenders. Sorting them out will give you insight on what to do instead.

Myth 1 – There’s No Need To Train Abs Directly

It’s a popular concept in the strength training field. The argument is that if you’re doing big lifts involving a lot of core strength like a squat, deadlift, the Olympic lifts, push press, etc. then you don’t need to do direct ab work since these exercises are heavily dependent on core strength. Yes, ab strength is key in the big lifts, but this fact can be interpreted two different ways:

1. I don’t need to work my abs since they’re heavily involved in big strength lifts.


2. I need to train my abs hard because they’re heavily involved in the big strength lifts.

See the problem? Most smart lifters do a lot of ab work because they understand how making their abdominal muscles strong can help increase their lifts. Otherwise, why are the athletes competing on these lifts (powerlifters, Olympic lifters) doing lots of ab work in their training? And if most elite powerlifters need to train their abs, what makes you think that yours are so strong that you don’t need to train them directly?

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