4 Strategies for a Bigger Bench

Everyone wants a bigger bench and Tim Henriques gives us 4 strategies to do just that over at Schwarzenegger.com

You want a bigger bench, I want a bigger a bench, everybody wants a bigger bench. The only people that exercise but don’t want a bigger bench are those that aren’t good at it and they have convinced themselves the lift doesn’t really matter – but deep down they still wish they benched more. As a powerlifting coach, I have had lots of people come to me looking to add some poundages to their bench press. Here are 4 strategies that are sure to build your benching prowess:

Gain Weight

Talk with any big bencher and they will tell you getting big has helped their bench press. This is something that most “in the know” lifters are aware of but nobody seems to be clear on how it works. Some say it increases your leverage, others say it fills up your cells. None of that is the reason why your bench goes up when you gain weight. The truth is that your joints are very sensitive to their internal stability, we have proprioceptors inside our body that sense and detect things for us. Your body can detect when a joint is stable or not. When it is not stable, the body will inhibit (shut down) some of the muscle force that can act on that joint. You can see this very easily by performing a pull-up and then use one less finger each time to grasp the bar. Most people when they get down to 2-3 fingers are no longer able to do a pull-up. The weight didn’t change (your bodyweight), your lats didn’t change, but the stability did change and now you can’t perform the exercise.

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