4 Weeks out from Contest Prep

My training partner Danika and I work legs and shoulders at Gold Gym Calgary. 4 more weeks before I enter contest prep for the 2014 season with Alberto Nunez and 3D Muscle Journey. Excited to take my physique to a new level and hopefully earn a Natural Bodybuilding Pro Card with the IDFA, INBF, and/or NPAA.

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  • I notice you pump pretty quick on your up and then just seem to drop it on your down. Is this the way to do it? I was under the impression that the down is slower than the up, using resistance to build muscle. I will probably do what you recommend since you are doing great with trainers and competition.

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for your question. Personally tempo is not really something I have ever really worried about. I am not saying it’s not a valid way to train its just not something any of my trainers have ever focused on.

      Layne Norton was asked the following question.

      What is your thoughts regarding rep speed? Any difference between rep speed/tempo when training on power days and hypertrophy days?

      Layne response. – fast enough to move the weight, slow enough to control it & avoid injury


      That is pretty much how I train. As the weight increases and the reps get lower you will see I actually take longer as its much heavier and thus it requires more time to lower safely. Also when I do heavy bicep curls I will often cheat a bit at the end of the set to get the weight up and then exaggerate lowering the weight down.

      I think there are multiple ways to train and get results and I would suggest picking a way to train that you enjoy. That is the one you will put the most effort into and stick with the longest and ultimately see the best results with overtime. Hope that helps!

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