May 302016

Cliff Wilson dropping some knowledge bombs…..BOOOOMMM!!!

Here's a bit of a personal observation about a lot of people in the fitness industry. There are people in bodybuilding that I usually refer to as "grinders". Grinders are those people that are obsessed with working harder than everyone else and consider themselves to be, or aim to be, the most hardcore person they know. They are the people that on day 1 of contest prep, drop carbs to sub 100 grams and go from doing zero cardio to an hour daily. They are usually addicted to feeling depleted because in their mind this equates to progress. This means they gravitate towards things like fasted cardio, avoiding refeed days, panicking with any increase in the scale, and they absolutely hate off days because they fear they are losing progress. Here is the thing, these people almost always do poorly on stage. Do you know the reason why? It's because after the show is over, they fall off. They gain way too much weight, they lose interest in training for periods of time, and I would dare say they battle through bouts of depression as they fall in and out of motivation. To battle this inevitable crash, these people will usually try to schedule as many shows as possible. You simply can't make up for months and years of lacking consistency in the 15 weeks before a show. This is literally the same as competing in a marathon, walking the first 25 miles, then trying to sprint the last mile and being confused as to why you didn't win. No matter how hard you push at the end, you simply can't beat someone that has been consistently outworking you for a long period of time. If you are a "grinder" it's time to change your mentality and realize that running yourself into the ground will get you nowhere. Learn to track progress and consistency over time rather than simply chasing the "feeling" of progress. Actual progress and feeling like you are making progress are not always the same thing. Not only will you go further, I promise you'll enjoy the process to a greater degree as well.

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