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Good article over at T Nation by Bret Contreras and Brad Schoenfeld that I wanted to share. Arnold is the primary reason I became interested in bodybuilding in the first place and it’s great to see that his insight into training back then is still relevant today.


Here’s what you need to know…

  1. The muscle pump isn’t just cosmetic. It contributes to muscle growth. Use multiple sets of moderate to high reps to engorge your muscles with blood.
  2. Develop a strong mind-muscle connection to recruit more muscle fibers.
  3. Visualize the muscles you’re training, and between sets envision yourself doing your next lift. Use your mind to build your body.
  4. Posing isn’t just for those on stage. It can help you maximally contract muscles and produce more force during lifts.
  5. Pick a power move and go heavy with lower reps on occasion. Building size doesn’t mean neglecting strength. Arnold powerlifted.

Wisdom From The Golden Era

At the height of Arnold’s bodybuilding career, we didn’t really know much about the science of muscle hypertrophy. That’s why a lot of old-school bodybuilding wisdom was anecdotal at best.

We now have a lot more research at our disposal, and while many Golden Era bodybuilding tactics are called “broscience” many others have since been validated.

Let’s examine five approaches that contributed to Arnold’s bodybuilding success.

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  One Response to “5 Things We Can Learn From Arnold About Building Muscle”

  1. Ah! This brings back memories.
    Happy to say I trained through some of that golden era in the eighties when our idols were Arnie, Lee Haney, Platz, Franco, Mentza etc.
    ‘The good old days!’


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