5 Unmistakable Warning Signs Your Diet is Going to Fail

Armi Legge of EVIDENCE MAGAZINE with some great dieting advice.


The first days are easy.

You never get hungry. You look forward to every meal.

The first weeks are a little harder.Flexible Dieting Fat Loss

You get a few hunger pangs, but it’s not enough to stop you. The scale drops every day.

Something changes after about two weeks.

You’re still getting leaner, but you don’t have the same optimism as before. You’re getting hungry and bored.

Suddenly, getting lean doesn’t seem worth it.

After another two weeks, you’re almost ready to quit. You’ve only lost five or six pounds. Now you feel unmotivated and frustrated.

What happened to your motivation? What changed?

You failed to recognize the early warning signs that your diet was doomed to fail from the start.

Here are five sure-fire signs that you won’t be able to get lean on your current diet.

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