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One of the things I know about is struggles in the gym. Many people make the mistake of looking at recent results, and they don’t recognize the 12 years that are tucked away in the memory stores of my brain when I was a “nobody”. That is the great failure of Social Media in the modern powerlifting world that we know today…

Lifters rarely post their failures, they instead post PR’s, and impressive lifts, so to everyone watching they get this impression for the “Top Guys” it’s easy, or they are lifting for PR’s everyday. That would make an awesome highlight reel but it just isn’t true. I am going to remove the veil of “greatness”, and tell you the “dirt” that I have seen as commonality amongst the great lifters I know.


That sounds so cliche, but it is true. All the top lifters that I have been around have a keen sense of every strength they possess, as well as an understanding of their weaknesses. You have to understand why you are doing things in your training, and you have to constantly be willing to adapt, and modify your training to what your specific needs are. Pro level lifters may gather ideas from other lifters, but Chad Smith would not do exactly the same routine that I would do. While he may improve some, he would ultimately be wasting his time because he would be working on my needs, not his.

I see so many young lifters trying to emulate pro-level workouts of their favorite lifter… What would be much better is trying to understand why the lifter is doing what they are doing, looking at your own body, and applying those principles to your own training. You have to own what you do to be the best.

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