7 Things to Steal From Competitors

Great article and advice from Dani Shugart from T Nation even if you never plan on competing.

Here’s what you need to know…

 Competitors make progressive changes to lose fat. They don’t try to do too much at once in order to get lean.

 Bodybuilders and figure athletes are deliberate about their “cheat” food. They either avoid it or they plan for it and factor it in.

 Competitors don’t let the scale detract from their progress. They pride themselves on behavioral changes and improvements they see in the mirror, not arbitrary numbers.

 Physique competitors screw up and then use their mistakes as a tool to do better the next time around.


Maybe you never plan to step on the stage as a bodybuilder or figure competitor. Maybe you even think the whole idea of getting spray tanned and then flexing half-naked in front of a panel of judges is a little, well, strange. That’s okay. Because there are still seven lessons about aesthetics that you can learn from physique competitors. No posing suit required.

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