9 Tips for Dedicated Lifters

Some great tips from Dan John over at T Nation!

Here’s what you need to know…

 The only real secret to adding muscle to your whole body is this: do high rep squats.

 If you can perfectly follow all those fancy lifting tempo recommendations, you just aren’t lifting enough.

 Conditioning has value, but if you’re doing a bunch of junk for no rhyme or reason, cut it back or cut it out.

 If you can’t pull double bodyweight off the ground, press bodyweight overhead, and carry bodyweight for about 100 yards, work on that stuff first.

•  Sometimes the best way to get better is to take some time off. Do it before your body forces you to do it.

•  Every workout should build, in some way, upon the previous session. If you keep leaping from idiotic program to idiotic program, you might never learn this lesson.


I started lifting in 1965. I’ve been employed as a strength coach since 1979. I’ve seen a lot come and go, but I’m fairly confident that the following ten tips will still be around fifty years from now.

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