A Better Joy Than Envy

Great article by Mark Dugdale at EliteFTS today that I wanted to share because of the truth it spoke to me and hopefully to you as well.

Before I get to it I want to share my own thoughts that this article triggered. [Gets on soap box] The other day Alberto Nunez posted on instagram a picture of himself and fellow 3DMJ coach Brad Loomis comparing 2008 to 2014. Someone commented asking “How did Brad ever get his Pro Card?” which really annoyed me. Brad earned his pro card because he put in the work and was the best on that day. Nothing can ever take that away from him and it was well-earned.

I have heard Brad talk about how he probably could not make it as Pro today as the competition has grown to be that much harder. Brad has not had much success as a Pro but he continues to work hard and get better over time. Brad does it because he truly loves it, he finds joy in the journey and with sharing his passion with others as a coach and as a competitor. He has earned the respect and love of his fellow 3DMJ coaches because the man demonstrates the 3D’s that 3DMJ stand for, dedication, desire, and discipline. No where in there does it have PRO or Winner or #1 because those are things no one has control over and ultimately don’t matter, yet so many only focus on this. Perhaps that is why they will never find true happiness or joy?

In the movie Rudy the guy never won anything. Rudy had zero talent but he had heart, desire and the discipline to grind it out day in and day out just to be a part of something he loved. He played one play in one game but is a huge hero because of his dedication, desire, and discipline. Most people would have quit and given up because they were not experiencing the success that they dreamed about. Brad Loomis reminds me a lot of Rudy and is someone we should also admire for the same reasons. Both Rudy and Brad found joy in what they do and maybe we can all learn from them. [Gets off soapbox]

Here is the article from Mark.

A Better Joy Than Envy


An odd statement, I know. How does joy even fit relationally with envy? Why would any joy exist in envy? All good questions. Envying others isn’t a particularly deep well of joyfulness. However, what if you’re the one being envied?

I’m guessing for those honest enough to admit it, there’s quite a bit of joyful satisfaction in being the envy of others. Let’s face it—countless teenage boys at some point envied the dude with bigger biceps or the guy who slept with more girls, pounded more beer, and drove the faster car. Much of this carries over with men decades older in more “distinguished” guises—fame, wealth, power, influence, and success.

Looking at the historical record of man, one of great renown comes to mind. I’m talking about a man who accomplished more than you or I will ever come close to accomplishing. He experienced more wealth, success, and power; accumulated more stuff; was more entertained; experienced more comfort; and oh yes, had way more sex than you or I. Even Hugh Heffner looks pathetic in comparison. In fact, his list of accomplishments is so vast by worldly standards that pretty much anything any other man achieves in human history will simply be a repeat of what he already did on a grossly elementary school level. So what if I said we could sit down with this man who lived such an epic and envied life and learn from his experiences? Personally, I would jump at the opportunity…so I did.

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