With my contest fast approaching I have been thinking more and more of what to do after. I plan on taking a year off and focus on increaseing my strength and maximizing my muscle gains before competing again in 2014. I just got off a call with Dr. Mike Zourdos who has agreed to take over my training immediately following the show. Dr. Mike Zourdos has been working with Dr. Layne Norton and is a proponent of Daily Undulating Periodization (DUP). Dr. Mike Zourdos usually works with Pro Powerlifters and Pro Bodybuilders so the fact he is taking me on as a client is very exciting. I am really looking forward to working with Dr. Mike Zourdos! Here is a quick video of him explaining Daily Undulating Periodization (DUP).

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  • I have watched the video and think that his concept is very interesting.
    I have previously thought of doing something similar in the past, but obviously I don’t have his knowledge.
    A mix of this style of training along with PHAT might work quite well as they are similar.
    I hope you continue to post your progress in some form.

    Regards, Graham

    • LOL John such a positive guy you are.

      You have no idea how much money I make or how much it’s costing me for coaching so your comment is worthless. It only shows you to be talking BS in an attempt to make me look bad? Not sure what I ever did to make you act this way towards me.

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