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So I am thrilled to report that I am officially back to being a 3DMJ coached Physique Athlete working with Alberto Nuñez! 3DMJ’s reputation in the Natural Bodybuilding world speaks for itself and it is truly an honor to be back working with them and especially Alberto. For those that don’t know Alberto was my prep coach for my 2014 competition season and he did a phenomenal job. The goal after competing was to continue working with Alberto in the off season with the goal of having him be my prep coach when the time was right.

Unfortunately in late 2014 I had to stop training and working with Alberto due to a very stressful time in my life, I ended up quitting my job and moving to a new company. I then needed to focus on ensuring I did well in my new job and role as it was in an area of I.T. that I had never really done before, so 2015 was a complete right off as far as bodybuilding. In 2016 I did start training again on my own however around September I had to stop again due to another very stressful situation at my job. In mid January of this year I started training again but by August I was getting to the point that I found myself second guessing myself at times and with my goal of competing in 2019, I felt it best to work with a coach again to ensure I was in the best spot possible to start contest prep.

I did think about working with some other coaches, there are some really good ones, however I think one of the biggest keys is working with a coach you trust and have a good relationship with. I knew I had this with Alberto already so rather than taking a chance on someone new I wanted to see if I could work with Alberto again, especially since I felt we had some unfinished business from 2014. Fortunately for me I have been able to get back to working with Alberto, we had our first Skype consultation on Monday and we have a game plan in place and I started a new training program from him this week. I will update how that’s been going tomorrow.

Shortly after all this happened Jeff Alberts posted the following on Instagram. Jeff does such a great job on explaining why its so great to work with Alberto as your coach and why I am so thrilled to be working with him and 3DMJ again.



After 31.5 yrs of training, 30+ shows, and coaching hundreds of bodybuilders myself…I decided to hand the keys over to one of the best natural bodybuilding coaches in the world @nunez3dmj Not that I can’t coach myself as I’ve done that well over the years, but I’ve realized in my 40’s is that humility, being open minded and continuing to learn has made me a better bodybuilder and coach. Having Alberto on board (my other 3DMJ coaches are all my coaches!) was not based on how many pro cards he’s personally won, how many he’s collected as a coach, degrees he has or how popular he is with social media. I’m sure there’s quite a few pro cards he’s attained as a coach and I can say with 100% confidence he couldn’t tell you how many if you asked. That’s what I love about him…he’s humble and understands there’s more to bodybuilding than the wins and losses. He understands how I operate…how to get the most out of me…he knows my strengths, my weaknesses, my personality, my life outside of the sport…and he will do everything in his power to ensure the big picture is never compromised. We have history together…we built a relationship and over time we’ve won together and we’ve lost together. We never got too high with a win and I certainly never put blame on him for a loss. Looking for another coach because of a hiccup…meh…that’s premature, too impatient and frankly too easy of an excuse imho. Bill Bellicheck didn’t build a dynasty in his first year…it took a little time building a solid foundation. It’s a two way street and there needs to be time spent together to be able to grow together. Down the stretch I need to be accountable, to execute precisely…basically I need to do my job not just for me, but for coach too! Having an experienced eye and someone who more than likely cares more about my journey than myself is truly a blessing. So now we have work to do for IPE Clash of the Titans on October 28th in Minnesota and if I can get that qualification…we head to IPE Worlds in November for some more fun! #3dmusclejourney #3DMJ #coaching #relationship #growtogether #naturalbodybuildingforlife

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