Block 1 – Week 2 Training Update

Just finished up two days of Dragon Boat Racing on top of this weeks training. We ended up coming in 3rd place on the D division final so very happy with that. My daughter Grace was just coming to watch today but we were short one female paddler so in order not to be disqualified she agreed to help us out and fill the spot. Very proud of her for doing this as it was pretty hard to come in with zero training to help us out so we were not disqualified and help us win 3rd place.

Both Grace and I trained together last year for the Dragon Boat race but this year we had no plans on participating but due to being short handed we both had to jump in and help out so we get to chalk up another festival and add some more hardware to our growing collections! 🙂

This week saw me complete the second week of my new training block. Really enjoying this and hoping to see some long term gains with this although I do have something in the works for September that may alter my training but I will wait to reveal that when and if it happens. Anyways here is the footage of the main and aux lifts from week 2. My weight is also starting to move in the right direction and I am hoping to see a new low in the coming week.

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