Blog Redesign

So I was forced to update my blog to a new theme and redesign it.. WordPress is moving to a new post editing software called Gutenberg.  Currently it is optional but it will be part of the core WordPress program in a future update. When I tried to use it I was getting an Updating failed error at the top of the page when creating a new post. I thought this might be a conflict with the editor and my current theme.

Researching if this was the case I found out that the theme I have been using is no longer being promoted by WordPress . So I have picked a new theme and updated things to how I like it.  I had to go back and update every post so it would show an image or a video on the Home page.  

Seeing as there is over 700 posts, way too many to update, I only went back to when I started blogging again in April of 2017. I may eventually go through the rest but it’s a lot of work for little in return.

There are some nice things I like about the new theme but I won’t bore you with the details. The funny part is after doing all of this and spending hours redesigning the site I turn on the Gutenberg  editing software to try it out creating this post and I still am getting the same error I was before. <sigh>

Anyways I think it was still worth it and there may be additional tweaks to the site as I figure things out. Let me know what you think of the new look!

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