Bodybuilding Can Be A Lonely Endeavor

According to the Centers for Disease Control in the U.S. only 21.7% of adults aged 18 and over met the Physical Activity Guidelines for both aerobic and muscle-strengthening activity. Now out of this group how many lift weights to maximize their muscle gains versus just staying in shape? Out of those that bodybuild, how many actually compete in either amateur or profession natural bodybuilding?

As you can see there is not a lot of people who bodybuild so there is a possibility you will never be real life friends with another bodybuilder. I am coming up on 7 years this May and I have only had one real life friend who I trained with at the same gym and Danika and I shared our passion for bodybuilding and encouraged each other a on weekly basis. For my two contest preps in 2012 and 2014 I ran a contest prep log on the forums and it allowed me to be a part of a small community of fellow natural bodybuilders who were also sharing their experience of going through contest prep and getting on stage.

Now however I don’t train at Gold’s gym anymore so I rarely get to see my friend Danika and the contest prep forums are pretty much dead. As a 3DMJ coached athlete I am a member of their private Facebook group. To be honest I have never been a big fan or user of Facebook and never really posted there, however it too has gotten very quiet. I have tried to get some discussions going over there the last few days and its been pretty much crickets. So feeling kind of isolated and alone atm.

I think a traditional forum is a much better way of getting to know and follow fellow bodybuilders and build a community of like minded individuals. I have tried to create a small community on my forums here but that too has had very little traction. I follow my usual people on Instagram and YouTube which helps me stay connected on the latest info but I am really missing that regular interaction with my peers in the sport. In any event I will still keep doing my thing and sharing my journey and hopefully make some new connections in 2018.

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  • Hey Deano,

    Lighten up a bit!
    You say you might make some new connections in 2018. You might also re-kindle some old ones!
    I still dip in and out of your site from time to time but my voluntary work with schools takes up a lot of my time on top of my job so it’s not always easy to reply.
    In know how you feel though having trained with weights on and off for over thirty years. I have trained at a very small number if gyms but have seen a lot of people come and go. But I have cat tied on for some reason and it now seems a way of life for me.
    I have never competed although I have had a go at dieting down before and it is extremely hard, so hats off to you for doing that and getting on stage. I consider myself to be a bodybuilder, still trying to maintain the bes physique I can at my age which is now 55 next week. I don’t do any other sports and never really have done, so I must be doing it for some reason.
    Life is full of ups and downs and you just seem to be having a slight down atm. Training at home and on your own takes a special kind of dedication and must be lonely at times but you get so much more from your sport than the training session and you may need to focus on that a bit more. I hope I don’t sound critical here but realise what you have and celebrate your achievements more because if was easy there would be an awful lot of big well honed people walking about, but that isn’t the case. Injuries which now become part of life at our age can also severely test your metal (no pun intended ????) but keeping on going is what it is all about.
    Bodybuilding is so much more than just pushing yourself physically, you also have to push yourself just as hard mentally, which you will appreciate as you’ve already gone through at least one competition cycle. Finding a training partner as committed as yourself and with the same goals in almost impossible so it becomes more about using the stepping stones along the way.
    I will try to keep in touch more in the future as there are still areas I need to learn more about like periodisation of training and diet strategies. I’m of the old school mentality of linear progression, more weight, more weight! Only tending to back off when I get an injury or my body is in too much pain. It’s also good to talk to like minded people as very few people understand why we do what we do.
    Anyway just keep the faith!

    Kind regards, Graham. ???????? ((((——–))))

    • Hi Graham,

      I appreciate you taking the time to reply and I always value your perspective. 🙂

      I did a follow up post to hopefully clarify this post a bit better and to apologize to fellow bodybuilders like yourself who may have never step on stage but are every bit a bodybuilder.

      Happy Birthday Graham! Looks like we are both Aquarian’s as I will be turning 53 on Feb 9th.

      I always look forward to hearing from you so hopefully you can comment more but understand if you don’t. Volunteering your time for schools is far more important.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.


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