Bodybuilding Can Be Lonely – Clarified

So I thought after my last post I should clarify a bit better what I was getting at with regards to bodybuilding can be lonely. Was I feeling a bit lonely when I wrote it? Yeah, a bit and it probably came across in my post more then I wanted it to so I apologize.

First let me say sorry to anyone who bodybuilds but does not get on stage. Just because you do not compete does not mean you’re not every bit a bodybuilder than those that do. Bodybuilding is all about creating the best version of you and only you can define what that is. One of the things that appeals to me about bodybuilding is that it’s an individual sport which means it’s all on you to achieve or not achieve the results you are after.

There are many individual sports out there but many you can still train with others for like Crossfit, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Obstacle Course Racing, etc. These all have a pretty good community of like minded people to connect and be apart of. Many of these have become very popular probably because of that very reason.

Bodybuilding for the most part is restricted to training with a partner and if you can find someone to train with it can be very rewarding. I really enjoyed having Danika as a training partner for a time and even when we were not training partners we still saw each other everyday at the gym and had a chance to catch up and talk about how things were going. I also got a chance to know other people who trained at the gym at the same time every day so if you are looking to connect with other lifters then training at a commercial gym is your best option. I also trained last year with Daniel at the corporate gym located in the office building where we work until I got my home gym up and running, which was also very enjoyable.

Training at home can really isolates you and it’s something I have never really done before, so its hard to know what its like until you get to this point. Some people are not looking for that social aspect so training at home is perfect for them and not lonely at all. I honestly didn’t think I was into the social aspect either until I was not around it. For me its been an adjustment but I will be fine. 🙂

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  • Hi Dean,

    It’s me again!
    I think I understand where your coming from. I’ve sometimes seen on TV someone working from home looking out over a beautiful country side view and thinking to myself how great that must be. But then I think to myself, wait a minute, your still at home. It’s that thought that your still at home and not seeing work colleagues or the general public. Training at a home gym may be a bit the same. It’s done at home rather than going out to a different atmosphere where there is usually always someone else present even if it’s not a training partner.
    I train at 6:00/6:30am what ever my shift pattern because one week out of the three week rolling shift is earlies 07:15am start. So to train before work allows me to always get the training in and without affecting home life or school work. I now train with a partner most days but used to train on my own. With a partner is better because you tend to be more focussed and suffer less with lack of motivation. It’s also nice to be able to share experience and the odd joke. Sorry hope I’m not making you feel worse.
    Have you thought about the odd commercial gym workout every now and then if that’s possible. Just to spice things up a bit.
    Either way. ‘It’s good to talk’ as they say. So keep posting your thoughts and that will help you and us understand what your going through. Just thought about a good advantage of training in your own gym. You can always get on the equipment you want to use when you want to and it doesn’t disrupt you programme!

    Just to change subject slightly.
    I must admit I haven’t read all your training logs yet. But are you on track with where you want to be at this stage?
    What is your target weight / size six/twelve months from now?

    I’m currently about 180lb and would like to put a couple of pounds more muscle on but also to get leaner but that’s what we all want! ???? I did touch 185lb about a year ago but dieted back down as I felt I was a little too fat. But I think I’ll try to get back up there again. After all it’s get big for the beach
    It’s Chest and Back for me tomorrow, strength phase.

    .(((((——–))))). Graham.

    • Hey Graham,

      Yeah training at home is a bit of an adjustment and there are things I can do to probably help if I need to like doing a drop in session at a commercial gym. I think my next post will be about all the positives I have found from being able to train at home. There are always pluses and minuses to every situation. I think the positives far out way the negatives.

      Things are on track with the goal of training in a surplus until June at which time Alberto and I will decided if we go for a 2019 contest season or hold off another year. Goal is to be 210 lbs by then although I am bit closer to that weight then I would like to be at this point I might end up a few pounds over. Ultimately the goal is to gain muscle why staying as lean as I can which I think I am doing well at so not concerned if I go a few over by then. Whether I decided to compete or go another year I will need to start dieting down in August as I don’t want to get to far over stage weight.

      Never big enough and never lean enough it seems. 🙂

      Love the fact you train opposing muscle groups. Enjoy your chest and back workout!

      Thanks again fro taking the time to comment!


  • Hi Deano,

    I think you’ve hit the ‘nail on the head’ with the comment about making an adjustment by training at home. Imagine if you couldn’t use your favourite exercise or piece of equipment ever again. Would that mean that you would have to stop training? No! It would just mean that you like I or anyone else would just have to make an adjustment to your training. Whilst that adjustment might or might not be easy, it wouldn’t be the end of your training. Because your goals and the training are bigger than one small glitch or set back.
    As you know better than anyone Dean, everything in life including bodybuilding is part physical and part mental. The better you’re able to cope with both , the more successful you’re likely to be. And you’ve been there before so there should be no worries about going there again.

    Just been called out on an emergency for work. Catch you later.

    Regards, Graham.

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