Can Fruit Hinder Fat Loss?

Brian St. Pierre over at Precision Nutrition gives us the answer to this question.

Fruit has developed a rather odd reputation in much of the fitness world. It mostly seems to be due to its carbohydrate/fructose content, and the misguided belief that these elements can inhibit fat loss, even in reasonable amounts.

The fact is fruit has a number of attributes that contribute beautifully to fat loss. Fruits are low-calorie for the amount of nutrition they deliver, due to their high water and fiber content. The minor amount of fructose in fruit, typically 7-10 g per serving, is irrelevant to the fructose research that shows a detrimental effect from consumption. That research utilizes enormous amounts of fructose. Several thorough research reviews have clearly pointed out that in reasonable amounts fructose is a non-issue. Fruit consumption plays little if any role in that regard.

In fact, the fructose from fruit can help to maintain liver glycogen. Maintaining liver glycogen is important, especially when trying to lose weight, as it tells your brain you are not starving. This can inhibit overwhelming hunger signals, as well help prevent lean mass loss.

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