Feb 232016

An interesting article by Greg Nuckols at Strengtheory.


Later this week, we’re publishing an article examining whether there is truly a “hypertrophy range” of ~6-15 reps per sets with ~60-80% 1rm that allows people to grow substantially better than either heavier, lower rep training or lighter, higher rep training. So, when the “hypertrophy range” is mentioned in this article, just keep in mind that the forthcoming article on that topic is the backdrop for this article on predicting muscle growth.

With that in mind, we need to discuss training volume.

It’s well-understood that higher training volume generally means more hypertrophy. However, defining and measuring training volume isn’t quite as straightforward as we’d like it to be. There are several different ways to measure training volume, including volume load, relative volume, “effective reps,” time under tension, and number of hard sets. All of them have their strengths, but they also have drawbacks.

The question isn’t, “are higher training volumes generally better for hypertrophy?” The question is, “are any of the ways we can measure training volume actually causative, or at least strongly predictive of hypertrophy?”

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