One Year Progress Update

One year ago I started working with Alberto Nunez of 3D Muscle Journey. I told him that for most of my time lifting weights I had dieted. I felt like I was more of a professional dieter than a bodybuilder and I had never felt “big”. Weighing 203 lbs at the time I had spent most of 2017 dieting. I … Read More

Loneliness And Bodybuilding

Back in January I posted a couple of articles about how Bodybuilding Can Be A Lonely Endeavor and Bodybuilding Can Be Lonely – Clarified. In my articles I discussed the issue from the perspective that you may feel isolated from others with the same goals as you, however as with all things in life there is more than one perspective. … Read More

Busy Week

So lots on the go this week! First off I need to send a big shout out and congratulations to my coach Alberto Nunez who came in 4th in Men’s Pro Bodybuilding at the IPE Clash of the Titans yesterday. Alberto was hoping to qualify for IPE Worlds on Nov 11th and with this 4th place finish he has done … Read More

Back Working with Alberto Nuñez

So I am thrilled to report that I am officially back to being a 3DMJ coached Physique Athlete working with Alberto Nuñez! 3DMJ’s reputation in the Natural Bodybuilding world speaks for itself and it is truly an honor to be back working with them and especially Alberto. For those that don’t know Alberto was my prep coach for my 2014 … Read More

SEWEH Episode 6 Interviews Part 1 Krieger, Tumminello, Aragon

Episode six of Science and Application (SAWEH, pronounced “saaaywhaaa!?”) with Eric Helm’s of 3DMJ.  In part one of this episode Eric interviews James Krieger, Nick Tumminello and Alan Aragon who where all guest speakers at the AFTP 2016 Convention in Oslo, Norway. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

WHY YOUR QUADS AREN’T GROWING (The Truth) Ft. Alberto Nunez

Alberto Nunez of 3DMJ is featured in a video on Omarlsuf’s YouTube channel explaining how you can get better quad development. The longer I train the more I find it’s the little details that can make a big difference on getting better results from your training. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________


In this episode Eric Helms, Brad Loomis, and Andrea Valdez discuss experience vs. science, which one is better? This is a highly debated topic amongst both athletes and coaches alike. These two concepts shouldn’t be viewed as one versus the other, but rather as two fundamentally different, yet equally important skill sets. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Eric Helms: Pre Contest Diet

Interview by Juma Iraki of Iraki Nutrition with Eric Helms who discuss pre-contest dieting. Some of the topics they discuss are: 1. What are the biggest mistakes you see people do pre-contest? Being a natural bodybuilder yourself, what are the biggest mistakes you did in your career and what have you changed with your approach? 2. Do you feel that … Read More


In this episode Jeff Alberts, Alberto Nunez, and Andrea Valdez discuss what makes a successful bodybuilder? I really enjoyed this honest discussion as there are a variety of factors beyond just great genetics that will ultimately determine how successful you will be as a natural bodybuilder. ______________________________________________________________________________________________

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