Eric Helms of 3DMJ is featured in another video on Omarlsuf’s YouTube channel to answer the question “How much protein do you really need to build muscle?” As always Eric does a great job in explaining the how’s and the why’s of topics so we can be better at implementing this knowledge into our own training lives.    

3DMJ ORIGINS: Alberto Nunez

This is the third interview in this new podcast series by 3DMJ. This time Andrea interviews coach Alberto Nunez. Alberto was my coach during my last contest prep in 2014 and I really enjoyed working with him and learned a lot. I am really looking forward to this one!    

3DMJ Podcast #4: Emotional Growth & The Physique Athlete

Jeff Alberts, Eric Helms, and Andrea Valdez discuss the mental battles and internal struggles that accompany the sport of bodybuilding. How do we overcome neuroses? What is a “healthy” contest prep mindset? How do we deal with off-season? What are some of the 3DMJ coaches’ personal battles? How do we define “emotional patience”, and why is it so important? This … Read More

3DMJ ORIGINS: Brad Loomis

This is the second interview in this new podcast series by 3DMJ. This time Andrea interviews coach Brad Loomis. Brad suffers from scoliosis and in spite of this he has not let it stop him from being the best he can be when it comes to bodybuilding or powerlifting. To me Brad exemplifies the true spirit of what both these … Read More

3DMJ Origins: Eric Helms

Looking forward to this new podcast by the 3DMJ coaches. This kicks off with interviews of each 3DMJ coach and first up is Eric Helms. Eric has the ability to break down complex topics so we can all better understand and implement them into our own lives. Hearing his life story on how he has gone from a newbie bodybuilder … Read More

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