Dieting Information: Do Your Homework

Dieting Information has gotten a lot better since I started my fitness journey over 6 years ago. That said there is still a lot bad information out there. As an example I came across a supplement retailers website that was promoting expert contest prep advice. CONTEST PREP DIETING PLAN Foods to Avoid Protein – High-fat meats like beef, and pork, … Read More

Why Long Workouts Won’t Cost You Gains

New article by Layne Norton, PhD over at on why workouts lasting more then an hour will not hurt your gains.   You may have heard about the perils of stretching your workouts beyond the one-hour mark for fear of becoming “catabolic.” Here’s why you shouldn’t let this old bodybuilding legend guide you! One of the (many) accepted “truths” … Read More

The Volume Roundtable feat. Mike Israetel, Layne Norton, Eric Helms & Greg Nuckols

Jeff presents another amazing roundtable discussion, this time on the topic of training volume. This is 2 hours long but covers a ton of information and experience from knowledgeable coaches who discuss if minimum effective volume or maximum recoverable volume is the best approach to optimal gains?    


New article from Layne Norton over at his website explaining how protein is not just for adding muscle but is a valuable tool in getting shredded. If you ask any serious bodybuilder or physique enthusiast what the most important macronutrient is in terms of adding muscle you can bet your left bicep that 99% of them will answer ‘protein.’ … Read More


Great article by Cliff Wilson over at Biolayne’s website on is there really a way to spot a fake natural? Is there really a way to spot a fake natural? At some point in our lifting career we’ve all been there. You bust your ass in the gym, your nutrition is spot on, and your methods are optimal in almost … Read More

THE REVERSE DIET DEBATE: Eric Helms + Menno Henselmans vs. Layne Norton + Peter Fitschen

Ok so just finished watching this and I have to say this was the best discussion about not only reverse dieting but coaching and understanding the effects of dieting on individuals and how to help them get back to “normal” after dieting. I say discussion because there really was no disagreement between everyone and it supported my own take on … Read More

The Reverse Dieting Debate!

I am really looking forward to this! I have some pretty strong opinions on this subject which I have expressed in prior posts on the site but it will be really good to hear a debate by these knowledgeable individuals. ???? THIS MONDAY: The first ever Reserve Diet Debate featuring Peter Fitschen and Layne Norton vs. Menno Henselmans and Eric … Read More

Introducing Avatar Nutrition – Huge Flexible Dieting Project

Dr. Layne Norton has always pushed the limits in everything he has done. In addition to getting his PhD in Nutritional Science, becoming a IFPA & NGA Natural Pro Bodybuilder and a World Class Powerlifter with the IPF and USAPL in the 93 kg class, he has also become a well known Bodybuilding/figure/physique coach helping 100’s of people over the … Read More

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