Growth Hormone

In bodybuilding a lot of people think growth hormone is the holy grail of muscle mass. However does it really hold up when you look at the science? Check out this great article by Dr. Layne Norton called Growth Hormone: Great Expectations.

HIIT Layne Norton Style

So tonight I did HIIT training Layne Norton style. For those of you who are unaware HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and its not for the weak at heart. No walking at a decent pace while watching TV or reading a magazine, this is all out go for broke or till you puke effort followed by a recovery … Read More

It’s Official!

I have been waiting what for what seems like forever to start working with Dr. Layne Norton. I was suppose to start April 1st and was wondering how I was going to last that long when last night I get an email from Layne with my nutrition and workout plans! It was my choice to start now or hold off … Read More

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