3D Muscle Journey Q&A

Here is a great video question and answer session with Eric Helms and Alberto Nunez with Brad Loomis as camera man. Some really great stuff!

I am my own worse enemy

Part of the reason I feel that I have been able to get the results I have so far is my ability to push myself. Every time I step in the gym I want to beat my previous workout by either doing more reps or more weight then last time. While this definitely is a plus it can also be … Read More

In the Beginning….

Welcome to Vanguard Bodybuilding.com This is the beginning of my journey to competing in my first bodybuilding competition.  I have chosen to compete in the IDFA Western Canada Classic  on October 20th, 2012 and this is my site to blog my adventure!   It’s my goal  to not only blog about my journey but hopefully help educate and inspire others to pursue their fitness … Read More

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