The 110% or Nothing Mentality

I have always been the type of person that gives 110% or nothing. The positive of such a mentality is that when you commit to doing something you go all in. The negative side is that when you don’t feel you can give that effort you quit. This has happened to me twice since I started my journey back in … Read More

The Struggles Are Real

Ever feel like the world is out to get you or things are just not going your way? Your in a slump, a funk or just out of your groove? Your just not happy and you are questioning what you are doing in certain aspects of your life or maybe even everything? That’s how I am feeling at the moment. … Read More

Learn to go with the Flow

When I first started training I put a lot of pressure on myself to push as hard as possible because in my head I felt I had this very small window of time to build muscle. This was even more so since I started this journey late in life at the age of 46. To be honest I am not … Read More

Calorie Cycling

So I am currently in a lean gaining phase in an effort to add muscle while keeping fat gain to a minimum. The goal is to keep my weight under 207 lbs until March 2018 and I am currently sitting at a weekly average weight of 205 lbs so I don’t have a lot of room over the next 4 … Read More

Busy Week

So lots on the go this week! First off I need to send a big shout out and congratulations to my coach Alberto Nunez who came in 4th in Men’s Pro Bodybuilding at the IPE Clash of the Titans yesterday. Alberto was hoping to qualify for IPE Worlds on Nov 11th and with this 4th place finish he has done … Read More

Update from Vegas!

Greetings from Las Vegas! My wife Chris and I are currently in Las Vegas to help celebrate our friend Sherry’s 50th Birthday. This is our first time in Las Vegas as a couple so we are excited to explore the entertainment capital of the world. We went and saw the Grand Canyon yesterday and I did the Skywalk which was … Read More

Working with an Online Coach

So I started working with Alberto Nunez 5 weeks ago and was eager to crush the new training program he put me on but to be honest its been a real struggle. I injured my back testing my 1 rep maxes at the beginning of the program and while struggling with that I also ended up getting sick. The first … Read More

What’s Your Body Fat % Bro?

Ever since I got into bodybuilding I think this has to be the number one question I have been asked. The picture on the left was of me 2 weeks out from my first competition in 2014. This was the leanest I have ever been and I have no idea what my body fat % was at this point nor … Read More

Training Update

So this marks the halfway point of the first training mesocycle from Alberto. It’s a six week cycle so I will be repeating this three times which will take me to the end of the year. While I had wanted to get in all 4 days of training in this week it was not in the cards as I continued … Read More

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