Week 11 Lean Gain Phase

This week saw a slight increase from 208.8 lbs last Saturday to 209 lbs this morning. I also started another cycle of DAA for the next month which may help a bit with some body re-composition. With only 4 weeks … Read More

Week 2 Lean Gain Phase

OK so week 2 is done and as previously stated Layne Norton has now taken over my training and nutrition last week. Really liking the new routine which is focused on trying to bring up my chest and arms over … Read More

Growth Hormone

In bodybuilding a lot of people think growth hormone is the holy grail of muscle mass. However does it really hold up when you look at the science? Check out this great article by Dr. Layne Norton called Growth Hormone: … Read More

Today is an off day!

OK well not really. Yes its an off day from my 5 day split weight training however I will still be going into the gym and working abs and doing some HIIT cardio. Something tells me that between now and … Read More

Week 1 Lean Gain Phase

A lot of diets focus on what you have to do to lose the weight but don’t tell you what to once you have achieved your goal. The longer you diet the slower your metabolism becomes. Going back to eating … Read More

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