Back Working with Alberto Nuñez

So I am thrilled to report that I am officially back to being a 3DMJ coached Physique Athlete working with Alberto Nuñez! 3DMJ’s reputation in the Natural Bodybuilding world speaks for itself and it is truly an honor to be back working with them and especially Alberto. For those that don’t know Alberto was my prep coach for my 2014 … Read More

The Complete Strength Training Guide

I started a new training program this week that is offered for free by Greg Nuckols on his new site Stronger By Science. The nice thing about this program is that it can be used by beginner, intermediate and advanced lifters. You can read all about it and download the program yourself here. I like this program because it’s designed … Read More

The Ugly, the Bad and the Good

Well it was a mixed bag this week. Was out sick for a few days with stomach flu and only managed to get a couple days of training in. Weight has finally started moving in the right direction with the week average of 199 lbs. I am going to go back to a lean gaining phase starting in August so … Read More


Focus – a center of activity, attraction, or attention. When I look at successful people I see a single mindedness, an unshakable focus. If we want to get better at something in our life we need to focus on that area and keep it in focus until we get the result we are looking for. I think many people want … Read More

Self Doubt

Some days I feel like I have made zero progress since my last competition in 2014. I have had a couple of major set backs which has derailed my plans to get better and many days I feel like other than being 3 years older I have not really done anything like I had wanted to. I think at times … Read More

Training Update

So I figured now that my home gym is operational I should get back to focusing on what is most important and that is training and making progress. With all this extra work in getting things built and set up for the gym my training has had to take a bit of a backseat, especially since I have been cutting … Read More

Bodybuilding the Fountain of Youth?

When I first started lifting weights back in 2011 I said it was like I had found the fountain of youth with regards to how much better I felt. The picture on the left was taken at my oldest son’s High School graduation two years before I started lifting. The one on the right was taken yesterday at my daughter’s … Read More

Take Pride in Your Progress

Since buying our first home I have been putting a lot of work and effort into doing renovations to make it better. This weekend I completed one of the renovation projects that we wanted to make. I did it all myself and I think it turned out pretty good. It took hard work, stepping outside of my comfort zone and … Read More

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