Low Fat v.s. Low Carb Diets

For as long as I can remember there have been people crusading for each diet approach as being better than the other. I personally have been able to lose weight following both types of diets and have been in the camp that it really does not matter which type of diet you use, as long as you are in a … Read More

What’s the Best?

With the end of the year fast approaching we all tend to look back at our year and then set goals we would like to achieve in the new year. For a lot of people losing some weight or getting in better shape is often on that list. This is certainly validated by the number of new faces I have … Read More

Eric Helms: Pre Contest Diet

Interview by Juma Iraki of Iraki Nutrition with Eric Helms who discuss pre-contest dieting. Some of the topics they discuss are: 1. What are the biggest mistakes you see people do pre-contest? Being a natural bodybuilder yourself, what are the biggest mistakes you did in your career and what have you changed with your approach? 2. Do you feel that … Read More


Guest post by Boston-based strength coach and trainer, Ryan Wood over at Tony Gentilcore’s website. Today he discusses lessons learned and myths he avoided in losing 25 lbs. and dropping down to 10% body fat. Like a boss. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Today I’m going to outline five fitness myths I avoided to lose 25lbs. (I previously wrote a post talking about seven … Read More

3DMJ Podcast #4: Emotional Growth & The Physique Athlete

Jeff Alberts, Eric Helms, and Andrea Valdez discuss the mental battles and internal struggles that accompany the sport of bodybuilding. How do we overcome neuroses? What is a “healthy” contest prep mindset? How do we deal with off-season? What are some of the 3DMJ coaches’ personal battles? How do we define “emotional patience”, and why is it so important? This … Read More

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