4 Myths Many Lifters Actually Believe

Christian Thibaudeau over at T Nation laying the smack down on some common misconceptions people still have with regards to training. Common Misconceptions About Abs, Cardio and More Everything works in theory, but some training methods just don’t produce enough benefits to justify the effort. Other training beliefs are just plain wrong. Here are the worst offenders. Sorting them out … Read More

Bench Press – The Truth About the Effects of Bench Angle on Pec Activity Varies Depending on the Phase of the Lift

An interesting study on bench press angle and its effect on pec activation from SuppVersity. You may have seen Brad Schoenfeld’s post about the just accepted study of his that confirms the well-known link between muscle activity and poundage (higher weight = higher activity | see EMG Series). Well, another recent study provides additional intricate insights into the link between … Read More

Is Daily Undulating Periodization Best for Muscle Growth?

New article and study from Brad Schoenfeld looking to see if a DUP style routine is better at adding muscle compared to a traditional hypertrophy style protocol. If you follow my work you’ll undoubtedly know that our lab has carried out a number of studies seeking to determine the effects of training in different repetition ranges on muscle strength and … Read More

Cardio Can BOOST Your Gains?

Interesting post over at SuppVersity on a new study that shows doing cardio before weight training can produce better gains than just resistance training alone. While it’s only one study it certainly interesting and worth considering no? Cardio Can BOOST Your Gains?! Do it Before Weights and be Rewarded With 28% Increased Fiber Size & VO2 Gains In previous articles … Read More

How To Squat

Another great resource to add to your knowledge on how to squat from Greg Nuckols at Strengtheory. In addition to the guide, there is a free squat webinar for this Saturday so be sure to register! How to Squat: The Definitive Guide by Greg Nuckols Most people should squat. Do you want bigger legs? You’d be hard-pressed to find a … Read More

What Does EMG Amplitude Tell Us About Muscle Hypertrophy?

Interesting article by Dan Ogborn at Strengtheory discussing how the use of EMG Amplitude is not a good indicator of muscle hypertrophy. Photo credit to Adam Palmer of 9 for 9 Media Over the past few years, the data indicating that low intensity training, when taken to the point of concentric failure, produces comparable hypertrophy to high load training has … Read More

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