What Does EMG Amplitude Tell Us About Muscle Hypertrophy?

Interesting article by Dan Ogborn at Strengtheory discussing how the use of EMG Amplitude is not a good indicator of muscle hypertrophy. Photo credit to Adam Palmer of 9 for 9 Media Over the past few years, the data indicating that low intensity training, when taken to the point of concentric failure, produces comparable hypertrophy to high load training has … Read More

Are Squats All You Need to Maximize Hamstrings Development?

Brad Schoenfeld latest blog entry answers the question, “is squatting enough to fully develop the hamstrings?” _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I continue to hear the same claim. It appears in magazine and internet articles. It’s heard in fitness forums and social media outlets. It’s sometimes perpetrated by high-profile fitness pros. “Just do compound lower body movements and your hamstrings will get all the … Read More

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