Are Squats All You Need to Maximize Hamstrings Development?

Brad Schoenfeld latest blog entry answers the question, “is squatting enough to fully develop the hamstrings?” I continue to hear the same claim. It appears in magazine and internet articles. It’s heard in fitness forums and social media outlets. It’s sometimes perpetrated by high-profile fitness pros. “Just do compound lower body movements and your hamstrings will get all the work … Read More

Glute Training Science at MPI

Chad Waterbury gives us the low down on what he has learned over at the Movement Performance Institute! For the last few months I’ve been learning from the stellar physical therapists at the Movement Performance Institute (MPI). The West Los Angeles-based facility is run by knee-rehab savant and biomechanics expert, Chris Powers, Ph.D. Dr. Powers was one of the pioneering … Read More

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