Total-Rep Training

Interesting training article by Kyle Arsenault over at T Nation. I think I need to give this a try! __________________________________________________________________________________________   Here’s what you need to know… •  This method uses high intensities, greater volume, and involves working close to muscular failure. •  Determine your 5-6RM for one of the big lifts. Then do as many sets as necessary for you to … Read More

Triceps: A Guide To Dips, Pushdowns, Extensions And More

Found this great article on Triceps Exercises and Workouts from A Workout Routine. This covers pretty much everything you would want to know about training your triceps, great stuff! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Triceps Exercises & Workouts: A Guide To Dips, Pushdowns, Extensions And More Let’s get something out of the way up front. If you want to build bigger, stronger, better looking … Read More

Build Strength From Your Feet

Good article on the often overlooked role our feet play in squatting and deadlifting by Todd Bumgardner at ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Build a stronger squat and deadlift by focusing on your foot position. Here’s an approach that will help you put your strongest foot forward! Feet aren’t often a point of pride. Muscle-bound, barbell-wielding gentlemen don’t often brag about their southern-most … Read More

How to Increase Your Pull-Up Power

An excellent article on how to increase the number of pullups you can do from Dan John at T Nation. Here’s what you need to know… •  The pull-up has been beaten to death by lifters and athletes who try at all costs to get their rep total higher and higher. They should be adding load instead. •  Simply hanging from the … Read More

Can You Target Different Aspects of the Hamstrings?

Brad Schoenfeld answers this question in his latest post over at Look Great Naked. Hamstrings are one of my weak areas so knowing if its possible to target different aspects of the muscle will help me maximize my efforts this offseason. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ In this post I want to delve into the specifics of a study I recently published in the … Read More

World’s Greatest Warm-Up

I am pretty set in my ways when it comes to how I warm up however this latest article over at by Rob Sulaver of Bandana Training has some great info and I think I need to give this a try! ____________________________________________________________________________________ How we prepare for a workout is vital. It’s the pre-battle ceremony…the ritual of warm-up….the commencement of … Read More

The Best Muscle Building Exercise… Ever

Fantastic article by Christian Finn of Muscle Evo on what is the best muscle building exercise ever.  For the record this is something I have always done since day one and is something I rarely ever see at the gym. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Despite what you might have been told, the best muscle building exercise is NOT the squat. It’s not the … Read More

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